Rabbits in Carriers

Our Sales Policy – Please read before contacting us about purchasing any of our rabbits or cavies. 7 Day Guarantee – It is our goal to sell only healthy rabbits, raised in a loving, clean environment. If one of our rabbits should die within 7 day’s of leaving our farm, a replacement rabbit or full refund will be given with written proof from the veterinarian of the pre-existing condition. We will refund your money of you return the rabbit within 7 days, due to the demands of caring for a rabbit being more then you bargained for, you realize you have an allergy to rabbits, or find your rabbit is not going to get along with your other critters, or any other similiar scenario, we will welcome the rabbit back, and refund your money. If at any time down the road you need to re-home your rabbit, don’t hesitate to let us know, as we may be able to help find him another home. 2. Holding a Rabbit – Rabbits are sold on a first come, first reserve basis. A rabbit is NOT considered reserved until we receive a deposit. If you wish for us to hold a rabbit, thus reserving it, you must send a deposit to hold the rabbit. The amount may very. We usually accept anything over $10, but it depends on the price of the rabbit you wish to hold. This deposit IS non-refundable. If we do not recieve your deposit within 4 days of the of date you said you would send it, we assume you are not serious about purchasing, and we may let the rabbit go to anyone else who comes along. To clarify: First purchaser we receive a deposit from receives the rabbit of choice first. Also, we cannot hold a rabbit forever! Once we receive the deposit, if the rabbit is not picked up within 10 days from when it is ready to leave, we reserve the right to keep the deposit and sell the rabbit to someone else, unless we make other arrangements. If we have to hold a rabbit longer then 10 days after it is ready to leave, we may have to charge extra for feeding/boarding costs. 3. Payment- We accept checks via mail for deposit, but prefer cash at the time the rabbit is picked up from the rabbitry. There are exceptions to this rule, but please ask first. 4. Mis-Identified Gender – We try to determine the gender of kits accurately, but are human and on occasion might find that we have mis-identified the gendered of a kit.  You must return the Kit recieved to Silver Ridge Rabbitry and we will resex the kit and If this situation arises we will do our best to accommodate you with another kit of your choice, or a full refund. 5. Genetic issues – Please notify us if a genetic trait or undesirable characteristic develops in your rabbit, so we can modify our breeding program. 6. Right to refuse sales – We reserve the right of discernment in refusing the sale of our rabbits to anyone. Finding good homes for our bunnies is our top priority. 7. Definition of Quality – Rabbits are sold as either “pet quality”, “brood quality” or “show quality”. We define those definitions as follows: Pet Quality – Rabbit has some feature, trait, or charecteristic that we deem unsuitable, or able to be used in a breeding program, and not quality enough to place at shows. Examples: Rabbit with malocclusion, a sterile rabbit, poor mothering abilities, undescended testicles, serious conformational flaws, well below breed standard, etc. Pet quality rabbits will be sold at a significant discount in price, and without pedigrees to discourage breeding. Brood Quality – A rabbit with minor disqualification that inhibits it from showing, but does not prevent it in being used in a breeding program to produce more show quality animals. Examples: Rabbit with wrong colored toe-nails, missing toe-nails, wrong markings, a blemish such as a scar, etc. Show Quality – A rabbit that is free from all disqualifications, blemishes, exhibits proper color, and meets the ARBA standerd for it’s breed. We do not guarantee that a show quality rabbit is going to win, but they are free from any DQ’s.