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Silver Ridge Rabbitry is excited for the next year. Silver Ridge Rabbitry now offers varieties of cages for transport, stacking and housing, as well as related supplies. Silver Ridge Rabbitry is dedicated to breeding healthy, quick gaining rabbits using purebred New Zealand White rabbits. These rabbits are bred to have healthy litters with a large survival, quick to grow to size and show superb conformation. We treat our New Zealand Rabbits like pets and we give them the best life possible. We feed quality grain and Timothy hay, our New Zealand White rabbits especially love the Timothy hay. Any pure NZW rabbit that you see on the website for sale will not be shipped. We live in Vermont, and you can make an appointment to pick up the rabbits here. Vist our sale page or our blog to comment on rabbit and bunny issues and how you grow or care for your rabbits. Everybody has a choice of where their meat comes from, our choice is to raise our own in a healthy enviroment, any hatefull or derogitory posts about rabbit raising and meat will be taken down. Please feel free to help educate people in the care, breeding and habbits of bunnies. Rabbit is a lean clean meat when you raise it yourself you know where your meat comes from. Homesteading is returning to popularity. New Zealand White Rabbits are one of the only farm animals that don’t require a lot of space or land they can be raised in your basement or garage or a backyard shed, or as pet can be trained to go in a litterbox like a cat, and can be quite lovable, licking your face like a dog. Personality differs with every rabbit but the more they are handeled the more gentle they become.

Silver Ridge Rabbitry has sold purebred New Zealand White Rabbits to Homesteaders, Rabbitry’s, and Rabbit Enthusiasts of all Kinds in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania

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Silver Ridge Rabbitry is one of the rabbitry’s featured in Bob Bennett’s new Rabbit Housing Book, a must read if you are just starting to set-up your rabbitry. Even if you are starting with a trio, this book has many great ideas. From the backyard raiser to the commercial full scale rabbitry, whatever your needs you can benefit from this book. In the book you can read how Silver Ridge Rabbitry got started. Be sure to check out this great read, available on

Members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. and The American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders Inc. and New England New Zealand RBA

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